Millennial, Female-Driven Web Series ‘Or Die Trying’ 8 Episodes Released

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This one is for the artists, the fighters, and the dreamers.

A new webseries based out of Los Angeles OR DIE TRYING, is a series about women in film, by women in film. Like its creators, OR DIE TRYING is comprised of creative women living and working in Los Angeles, in varying aspects of the entertainment industry. They have set out to progress the narrative of women in film not only on-screen, but also through physical production by committing to hire a team that is no less than 85% female.

Over each episode OR DIE TRYING focuses on a group of four talented young women who aim to shatter Hollywood’s glass ceiling. However, their personal conflicts threaten to jeopardize their fledgling careers in the world of entertainment, where its creative and managerial sides remain impacted by the epidemic of gender inequality.

The series began as a crowd-funded project, raising a total of $23,000 in donations as well as production goods and services from their Seed & Spark campaign in 2016.

“OR DIE TRYING is a testament to the countless women in film. We, the creators, are active women in the film industry not just on screen, but in our real lives as well. We don’t “ask for permission,” we fight for our dreams daily. The struggles that we have faced as millennials in Hollywood have inspired us to create a story that is raw, real, and relatable for all of the young women who come out to California with a dream of making it in LA.

“OR DIE TRYING represents all of the resilient women who are judged not only by their talent, but also by their age, race, gender, “look,” and social following. We represent the women who hustle for what they want, because they don’t believe in a plan b. We represent the women who collaborate and create, hoping to build something bigger than themselves.”

Sarah HawkinsComment