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What does it take to follow your dreams?  Will the path you think leads to happiness actually make you happy? 

Four millennial women in Hollywood have been exploring these questions in real life, and now have turned their personal quests into a universal story about following your passion and finding your way in the world.  Currently crowdfunding on Seed & Spark, the quartet plan to film eight 9-minute segments of OR DIE TRYING, which will then be pitched to companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime to pick up as a series. In the process the team will also be realizing their other passion: to further the roles of women in Hollywood, with a nearly all-female crew and cast.

The OR DIE TRYING team celebrates securing distribution from Seed & Spark, a major milestone for the production. From left: Chelsea London Llyod, co-producer; Sarah Hawkins, producer and head of marketing & distribution; Jenny Austin, co-producer; Myah Hollis, executive producer, writer and showrunner.  All four women also star in the series.

Already, the OR DIE TRYING campaign has garnered enough followers to guarantee distribution by Seed & Spark, a major accomplishment.  

Now, $8,345 more is needed by June 28, 2016 to secure funds.

Doreen Joins the Team!

I learned about this project from series producer and actress, Sarah Hawkins, a friend of mine from Phashion Mob, whom you have also met here in a story about her selection as one of Saks Fifth Avenue's "Faces of 5F."  

I was so impressed with the talent of these young women, the quality of the OR DIE TRYING trailer (above), their smart marketing campaign, their theme about what it takes to follow your dreams (a topic we've been discussing on Style Maniac) and their mission to further female perspectives and jobs in Hollywood, that I've signed on as Wardrobe Consultant for the series.

As Wardrobe Consultant I'll be tapping into my network of independent women designers to pair their unique styles with the distinct personality and style of each of the show's lead characters, as well as tapping into the shared energy, passion and promotional savvy of these creative female entrepreneurs.

Do you share our passion?  

Guess what?  You too can be a part of OR DIE TRYING!

Read on to find out more about the series and how you can become an associate producer, garner a co-starring role or simply support the project. Whether $5, $50 or $500, any amount you contribute will help make this shared vision come true.

About The Series

The characters of OR DIE TRYING:: Chelsea London Lloyd plays comedian Baily Rosenberg; Sarah Hawkins plays arty actress Ellie Hansen; Jenny Austin plays Amelia Tinsley, a woman still searching for a career; Myah Hollis plays TV writer Raegan Thomas.

"We wanted to show the duality of living in Los Angeles," says OR DIE TRYING's producer / actress Sarah Hawkins.  "It's a beautiful place, filled with hopes and dreams, in a paradise-like setting drenched in perpetual summer, but it's also gritty, expensive, and can be extremely isolating.

"You can be in the center of creativity, just happy to be where you need to be to make your dreams happen, but also be struggling to survive. There's something poetic about suffering that deeply for your work, and it's a reality the four of us have all lived pursuing over different passions here in Los Angeles."

About The Trailer

A scene from the OR DIE TRYING trailer.

"We shot the trailer this past summer in an effort to show a taste of what the series will be like and what we are capable of producing. More than anything else, we want it to be real and authentic," Sarah continues.  "So often, web series are slapstick and silly, and doesn't leave the time to go deep and really care about the characters and their journey. It's because of the tone and it's authenticity, that our hope is an online platform will pick it up for a mini series, like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

"We still have a long road ahead of us, but it's been so cool to see all the amazing creative people who have come out to support us. Together, we are progressing the narrative on women in film, and it's just so cool to be a part of a movement like this."

Be Part of the Production:


on Seed & Spark

“Your support of our series directly feeds our goal to develop, produce, and share our universal truth that dreams are valid and worth fighting for.”


Seed & Spark is a crowdfunding site dedicated to film and TV. Before a project can be posted, Seed & Spark vets it to make sure the project has clear goals, a firm grasp of potential audience and realistic budget.  Once a project hits 500 followers, and 80% of the fundraising goal, Seed & Spark serves as distributor and will pitch to a digital platform.  

OR DIE TRYING has met the followers criteria, thus securing distribution, and is currently at 46% of their monetary goal with a little more than a week remaining. Another $8345 must be raised to secure campaign funds for production.

What can YOU do to make this dream--and perhaps your own--come true?

Head over to the OR DIE TRYING story page on Seed & Spark today.

  • Follow the campaign.

  • Loan a location or service.

  • Contribute funds.

Check out the WISH LIST page to contribute a specific component, or make a monetary contribution to the overall project.  Even a $5 donation helps!  

Contribute $250 and you'll get Associate Producer credit on IMDB and an invite to the set.

For $500 you score a co-starring role!

Other incentives include tickets to the LA premiere, a script consult, dinner with the cast, pre-screener link and lots more.

Are you ready for your closeup? 

Whatever role you choose, you'll help make a dream come true.

Jessica Toscano