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Or Die Trying is one of several female projects which have been created by circumventing traditional production, distribution, and exhibition routes. By crowdfunding and distribution on YouTube the all-female team behind Or Die Trying have been able to get their story onto international screens.

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Film Threat

Executive producers Sarah Hawkins and Myah Hollis announced today that their highly anticipated series, OR DIE TRYING , will be releasing it’s first season via YouTube on June 9th.

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The Light Leaks

We don’t know about you, but a series about women in film, by women in film, with WOC is our wildest dream. ODT answers that dream so much so that it’s been featured as IndieWire’s Project of the week and has been one of our first choices for an interview since before the The Light Leaks was born. 

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Stareable (Part 2)

If you’ve grown out of touch with your audience while in the creative bubble, here are some things to think about to help engage (or re-engage) with the people who you are serving.

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Snobby Robot

Produced by and co-starring Myah Hollis and Sarah Hawkins, OR DIE TRYING focuses on a group of four talented young women who aim to shatter Hollywood’s glass ceiling. 

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Although it can feel overwhelming, lack of funding shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from putting your vision into action. 

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Holli Baker

What I love about TV and film right now is that women are taking ownership of their own stories and telling them on their terms. Not only that, but we’re proving that there is a demand for content created by women.

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The Dirty Filmmaker

We first met these ambitious and down right fantastic ladies on twitter, stalking them almost daily from afar. When deciding who to interview for this exciting new segment of The Dirty Filmmaker, we knew these powerful women had to be included.

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Fiction's Mistress

Or Die Trying is an upcoming web series about women in film, by women in film. This 8-part series will dive into the lives of four young women in the industry, trying to achieve success, and all the struggles that come with not only working in the industry, but doing so as a millennial and a woman.

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Lost 21 Losers

Twitterverse brought our attention to another gem! Or Die Trying.  We were honored to interview Myah Hollis and Sarah Hawkins about their influences, their message, and what this project is about. 

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Screenwriters Rant Room

In this episode, Hilliard & Lisa talk about the obstacles of women in film and getting the attention of Hollywood by thinking out of the box. This time we're with writer/creator Myah Hollis and actress/producer Sarah Hawkins from the new series "OR DIE TRYING!"

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Random Chatterings

This week, I’m joined by the writer and co-creator of the female-lead web series Or Die Trying, Myah Hollis, as we talk about women in film! 

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The web series OR DIE TRYING is a product of women who had a vision and believed in it, and they are currently reaping the benefits.

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Jumpcut UK

Jump Cut UK caught up with Sarah Hawkins and Myah Hollis, two of the brilliant women behind this project, to learn more about their work and get their opinions on the gender gap in Hollywood.

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